Our Story

About Mark Alexander Clay Co

Mark Alexander Clay Co, MAClayCo for short, is a handmade jewelry and accessories shop founded by Erin Bailey of Birmingham, Alabama. Mark Alexander Clay Co started in January of 2021 from a small desk in a corner of Erin’s old apartment but has since grown into a self-sustaining small business with its own dedicated home office/workshop in Erin’s home in Calera, Alabama. Mark Alexander Clay Co specializes in handmade polymer clay earrings but also features earrings from a variety of other mediums.

Who Is Mark Alexander???


 Mark Alexander isn’t an actual person but a combination of two people. When deciding on a name for her business Erin wanted to pull from the thing most important to her, her younger siblings. Both of her younger sibling’s struggle with their mental health and Erin’s goal in life is to always be someone they can depend on and look up to. She took her brother’s middle name, Mark, and her sister’s first name, Alex, and Mark Alexander Clay Co was born. MAClayCo was founded on the belief that you can create something beautiful regardless of your circumstances and this is the message Erin wants to live up to for her siblings.

Meet The Maker

Hey Ya'll! My name is Erin Bailey. I am a twenty-nine year old from Birmingham, AL. In the middle of the madness of 2020 I decided to find something I could do from home but do with passion. I decided to start making polymer clay earrings. In January of 2021 I took a leap of faith and decided to start my own small business and here I am three years later single handedly building my own mini empire. My goal for 2024 is to continue to growth my business while also sharing my art with the world. Thank you for tagging along on this adventure with me. I can’t wait to show you all the things I create ✨